Skinny Wallet by Blank Entity: A wallet made from shopping bags that simplifies your life

Posted on July 21, 2014
Skinny Wallet - Colt 45

Colt 45 – made from liquor store bags

The Skinny Wallet by Blank Entity is made of shopping bags. No glues or stitching are used. Just fused shopping bags. There are a ton of people making things out of fused HDPE shopping bags—there are a lot of people making wallets, too.

Mine are better for several reasons:

  • It’s sustainable.
    Wallet - thank you

    Thank you

    No adhesives or even any additional materials like stitching are used in the construction. It’s just recycled bags. The seams are fused.

  • It’s better quality.
    I developed a system of fusing the layers that results in a highly uniform material that’s smooth rather than distorted like most DIY fused bag materials.

    Wallet quick-view flap

    Quick-view flap

  • It has an innovative feature:
    The quick-view corner flap. The flap on the edge of the bill slot lets you thumb through the corners of the wallet without having to stretch it open wide. This is my quiet innovation on traditional wallet design that raises eyebrows when I demonstrate it.
  • It simplifies your life.
    The wallets will self-destruct if you overstuff it with junk because the fused bag material doesn’t have much elasticity – it doesn’t fall back into shape after it’s been stretched. So a constraint of the material itself is used as a sustainable benefit—a deterrent against carrying unnecessary junk around with you, hence the “skinny.”

                                                          Greenpoint, Bahrain – bags from Brooklyn and Bahrain

Retail display

                                     Retail display made from discarded book with slots cut through spine, cover and pages

Blank Entity logo

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