Skinny Wallet by Blank Entity: A wallet made from shopping bags that simplifies your life

Wallet made from shopping bags

The Skinny Wallet by Blank Entity is made of shopping bags. No glues or stitching are used. Just fused shopping bags. There are a ton of people making things out of fused HDPE shopping bags—there are a lot of people making wallets, too. Mine are …

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Wisephone / Your cell phone has a social conscience app

Wisephone, 2008

A 5 minute design charrette The challenge: imagine a design solution to reconciling the dilemma between our desires for technology and gadgets on the one hand and our conflicted feelings about the labor conditions that are necessary (?) to manufacture those products at …

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iAccessory / A Passive Wooden Loudspeaker

Boom Quiet Loudspeaker


Boom Quiet Loudspeaker, 2008

Challenge: Design a housewares product whose materials cost a dollar or less

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Nesting bowls / spun metal with giant rims

Nesting prep-and-serve bowls

Nesting bowls, 2008

Brief: Design a set of nesting bowls using metal spinning as a production method.

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Brass Armadillo / Biomimcry design object

Brass armadillo, 2008

This was a 2-week project for a conceptual ID class. The goal was to design an object inspired by shapes, forms, functions and natural processes found in nature. I chose the articulation of the armor plates in armadillos as a jumping off …

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