Brass Armadillo / Biomimcry design object

Posted on September 10, 2011

Detail: Brass Armadillo

Brass armadillo, 2008

This was a 2-week project for a conceptual ID class. The goal was to design an object inspired by shapes, forms, functions and natural processes found in nature. I chose the articulation of the armor plates in armadillos as a jumping off point.

Brass armadillo extended

Armadillo extended

It looks like some kind of rudimentary sextant or astrolabe. It has a pleasing tactility when you open and close it—a nice chunky sound like the sound effect you’re used to hearing in action movies when someone inserts a magazine into a machine gun. I’ve decided not to polish it and let time take its course.

Brass armadillo retracted

Armadillo, retracted

Without easy access to a water jet cutter I cut the brass sheets by hand. I removed the blade from a scroll saw and fitted it with jeweler’s blades that were meant for hand coping saws. I went through a lot of blades. This process made me appreciate water jet and all other computer controlled cutting technologies.

brass armadillo partial extension

Armadillo, pen holder position

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